Madagascar Tourism

Lemur of MadagascarMost people go to Madagascar for its wildlife and nature wonders.
The island is small-roughly the size of Arizona. Even so, it has some of the highest biodiversity on the planet with almost 200,000 known species of wildlife. About 150,000 species are endemic to the area. Unique to Madagascar are about fifty types of lemurs, numerous frog species and 36 genera of birds that exist nowhere else in the world.

The island of Madagascar contains every one of the world’s lemurs, half of its chameleon species, six percent of its frogs and none of its toads. The closest relatives to many of Madagascar’s plant and animal life aren’t from Africa but are instead from the South Pacific and South America.

Madagascar has evolved to be one of the world’s most spectacular destinations for natural history travel. Among its wide variety of flora and fauna are seven of the world’s nine species of the lovely Baobab tree. It has several world-renowned national parks and a world heritage site. Madagascar boasts 3000 miles of coastline and 220 small islands that have their own degree of biodiversity.

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